3 Vulnerabilities were Found In Netgear Routers, Ransomware Hits Businesses Worldwide, and PrintNightmare Leads to remote code execution attacks! All ...View Details

Dude, Millions of Dell PCs are at risk of RCEs, disconnect your Western Digital My Book, and RIP John McAfee! All that coming up now on ThreatWire.   ...View Details

Weekly security and privacy news, brought to you by Shannon Morse. ThreatWire is a weekly news journalism show covering security and privacy topics fo...View Details

EA Source Code was Stolen, a 7 Year Old Linux Flaw was Discovered, and 1.2 Terabytes of Data was Mysteriously Stolen from millions of Windows pcs! All...View Details

Amazon Sidewalk is LIVE - Opt Out NOW, The CFAA gets some clarification thanks to the Supreme Court, REvil Beefs Up Attacks on Supply Chains! All that...View Details

Android 12 makes security and privacy front & center, the UK & US Consider New CyberSecurity Legislation, and 23 Android Apps Exposed Millions...View Details

The DarkSide ransomware group goes offline, the Apple Find My network could be exploited, and Your WiFi Devices Are Vulnerable to hacks! All that comi...View Details

A Qualcomm SoC could be exploited by attackers, the US’s biggest gas pipeline is hit with ransomware, and Apple AirTags get hacked! All that coming up...View Details

Microsoft finds a bunch of IoT vulnerabilities, a Linux backdoor existed for over two years undetected, and Emotet email addresses are now in have I b...View Details

An Airdrop vulnerability remains unpatched, Signal makes an epic clap back at Cellebrite, and Emotet begins a mass deletion of itself! All that coming...View Details

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